3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Auction Marketing Content

Aucto Blog | 2017-06-09 15:40:17 EST

Regardless of how large your event is, or whether you host it on Aucto, eBay or another platform, marketing is an integral part of a successful industrial auction. While it may seem like an extra responsibility, the good news is that if you’re already posting about your auctions online or on social media, you’re already engaging in marketing. Content marketing to be exact. 

While it may not be an official, documented strategy, you have a strategy none the less, and you likely aren't just producing content for content's sake. At the very least, through sharing or posting content, you’re trying to raise awareness about your auction.

Below, we’re sharing some easy to follow content marketing tips based on data from successful campaigns:


1. Clarity

Be clear on what you’re selling. Weather your posting the contents of your auction online, or writing or producing auction-marketing content, be concise, detailed and clear. For instance, if you’re sharing or posting content about your auction on social media, think about your audience’s viewing or reading habits. When they’re scrolling through their news feed(s), they likely aren’t looking for paragraphs of detail. Be cognizant that less may be more.


2. Call-to-action

Give clear direction. Prior to writing or producing your content – even something as ‘simple’ as a Facebook post – think about what you want a reader or viewer do after they’ve finished.  Should they visit the auction platform’s website? View your lot catalogue for a full list of equipment? Perhaps you want them to sign up for the event? Whatever you want your audience to do, make sure its clear.


3. Plain Language

Sticking to plain English in your content and providing simple FAQ’s on your website, can resolve a lot of queries. See Industrial Auctions Made Easy and Industrial Auctions Made Easy: Part II for examples of plain-language FAQs. If you’re selling in international markets, consider having these translated into several languages.

Also, try to avoid jargon. If you’re an auctioneer, words like ‘registration’ ‘clearance’ or ‘buyer’s premium’ and many more terms will be very familiar. Especially equipment Be careful not to assume your customers are as clear on the meanings as you are.

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