Utilizing Aucto’s advanced search features

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Using advanced search features to find equipment

While online auctions yield the potential to find machinery at an appealing price, many websites lack advanced search functionality. As well, most users don’t know how to use such features to the best of their ability.

The lack of advanced search functionality makes it difficult to find the piece of equipment you're looking for, often providing irrelevant results. . To solve this issue, we placed a lot of importance on industrial categorization when we designed Aucto.  These features are essential to learn if you want better search results

1. Platform and advanced search features

Our advanced search features are different for our Product Categories and Auction/Liquidation pages.

View the pictures below to understand which platform you're navigating too.

Product Categories




View Auctions.png

2. Advanced Search features for product categories

  • IndustriesProduct Categories.png

Utilize product categories to narrow down your search results. This will ensure that you're only finding parts that are relevant

to your specific search terms and needs. Narrow down results by selecting the appropriate industry.  

  • Sub-Categories

Product categories are not necessarily effective on their own. In order to narrow down your search, select the appropriate sub-category. Sub-categories are visible once you click on a product category.

  • Sellers

This option lets you sift through your results based on auctioneer and seller.

  • Brands and Keywords

Other helpful search fields are the ‘Brand’ and ‘Keyword’ fields. They allow you to search for a specific brand, such as Siemens or Panasonic, or a specific term, keyword, measurement or metric.



3. Advanced Search features for auction categories

Auctionssss.pngA number of these categories are similar to the ones above, and don’t require as in-depth an explanation.

  • Select Sales Format

In the top left corner, select from the following sales formats: auctions, liquidations or lots. To understand the difference between each of these categories, refer to our glossary (Must-Know Lingo Before You Bid In Your First Industrial Auction).

  • Select Industry

Narrow down results by selecting the appropriate industry.  

  • Keywords

Use specific keywords and brands to find auctions with lots matching your keywords.    

  • Sellers

Find auctions from your favorite auctioneers and sellers.  


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