5 Industries You Can Find On Aucto Industrial Auctions

Aucto Blog | 2016-10-19 14:00:00 EST

5 Industries You Can Find On Aucto Industrial Auctions

Published by Bryan Suharly on: 2016-10-19 14:00:00 EST

As an industrial buyer, it can be difficult to source used industrial equipment relevant to your industry. Most online auction and liquidation sites are not specific to industrial equipment, and finding the piece of machinery you are looking for often seems to depend on timing or luck.  The few auction sites that do cater to industrial equipment don’t always categorize listings based on products or industry, which leaves you to browse through an entire auction catalog to find what you need.

Aucto is a specialized industrial-only auction marketplace that caters to 19 different industries. When buying industrial equipment on Aucto, buyers can browse a large collection of industrial equipment without having to sort through pages of irrelevant items or visit other sites. In this post we will take a look at the food processing, pulp and paper, warehouse and material handling, construction, and pharmaceutical industries.

Food Processing

Inside A Bottling PlantFood processing is one of the largest industries, and continues to expand with rising demand for used food processing equipment. Typical businesses in this field include meat processors, ingredient manufacturers, and confectioners. It also includes both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage processors and fillers, like Molson Coors and Coca- Cola.

Popular product categories in this industry include holding tanks, sanitary pumps and metal detectors.


Pulp and Paper

A Paper MillAlthough many industries are leaning towards going paperless, there is still a substantial demand for paper production. This is especially true with regards to hygiene products and corrugated boards. Businesses in this industry include paper mills, pulp mills, paper coating companies, and printing houses.

When buying industrial equipment, typical pulp and paper machines includes refiners, pressure screens, and process pumps. For more information on the paper industry, please visit http://www.paperonweb.com/A1053.htm.


Warehousing & Material Handling


Almost every industrial sector utilizes warehousing and material handling equipment, which makes this one of our most popular industries. Businesses that source equipment from the warehousing and material handling category range from small proprietorships to multi-national corporations.

Typical items include forklifts, pallet racking, and conveyors. If you are looking to buy used equipment, please read http://blog.aucto.com/6-questions-to-ask-when-buying-used-equipment-online.



Tconstruction.jpghough the construction industry’s success depends heavily on the economy, there are developers who consistently build new projects. As such, construction machinery is among the most widely seen at both traditional and online auctions.

Companies include commercial developers like the Bechtel Group, but also residential builders like Mattamy. Public works also use construction equipment occasionally, such as in the maintenance of roads. Lastly, there are small individual contractors who may use the equipment for their projects.

Machines from the construction industry you can find at auctions include pavers, excavators, and generators. For more information, please visit http://www.constructionbusinessowner.com/equipment/equipment-management/buying-used-construction-equipment.



pharma.jpgAlong with food processing, the pharmaceutical industry is one that continues to see tremendous growth. As medical research grows, so too does the need for equipment to produce life-saving medication. With higher cycle times on equipment, this industry sees a lot of transactions.

There are also smaller companies that need pharmaceutical equipment. These include ingredient manufacturers, automated pharmacies, and research companies. Equipment from this industry may include lab testing equipment, reactors, and holding tanks.



There are many industries that sell on an online marketplace like Aucto. Whether it is the food processing, pulp and paper, warehouse and material handling, construction, or the pharmaceutical industries, one thing remains the same. Each of these unique industries has highly specialized equipment.

There may be a retailer or marketplace that handles each industry exclusively, but very few that cater to all of these industries together. As a buyer, this means you do not have to go to several different sites to view items from different industries. On Aucto, it is all in one place. If you are ready to browse, please visit our marketplace at https://www.aucto.com/liquidations.


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