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Aucto Blog | 2017-02-24 19:15:44 EST

Every month, Aucto’s powerful platforms help individuals and businesses buy and sell used and surplus industrial equipment.  The types of equipment ranges from big ticket items such as vacuum trucks, generators and entire properties to smaller lots such as drill bins, end mills and cartridge holders. Prices have ranged from as high as $67,000 USD to as low as $5 USD.

However, as impressive as some of these transactions are, we realize we can do a better job at communicating the results to you. By sharing this information, our goal is to better inform Aucto’s buyers and sellers. In addition to being able to sort through our past transactions, every month we plan to post a blog with a summary of the top three to five items sold.

This month, we’re going to give you our top three items sold in January:


538707-3.jpgManufactured by Westinghouse, this motor sold for $9000 USD. In our experience, surplus motors typically sell for 5 - 40 per cent of their original book value. There is substantial savings to be had in this category for potential end-users or resellers of these motors. 


2014 Kenworth T-250 Septic Vacuum Truck

lot-115_1.jpgThis Kenworth vocational model sold for $67,000 USD at an online auction held in Kentucky. At retail value, it would have cost approximately $150,000 USD. 




Electrical equipment and spare parts are popular sellers on This Allen Bradley interface panel sold for $650 USD. The demand of surplus electrical equipment has been increasing as more resellers of industrial equipment turn to Aucto to source equipment for their businesses.15_1.jpg




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On March 10, we’ll provide more of Aucto’s insights by giving you a list of February’s top selling items. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to receive email notifications. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.   


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