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Aucto Blog | 2017-03-10 19:27:36 EST

With technology changing at a dramatic pace, businesses and individuals may assume that buying the newest products available is the best option. But that's not always the case. It's important to assess your needs first in order to decide whether new, used or refurbished equipment is the best choice. For example, will the purchase you’re considering deal with a temporary demand? Or, are you facing a long-term need? Also, how long of a lead time do you need to acquire a
replacement part?  

After asking just one of these questions, you may realise that you or your organization may be better served by ‘buying used’ or surplus equipment or parts. Or, you may realise a combination of used, surplus and new parts, equipment and products
are needed.

Regardless of what solution works best for you or your organisation, you need to research your options. Proper involves examining trends in the marketplaces and platforms you’re considering buying from, or if you’re on the reverse side,
selling on.

That’s why Aucto is posting our three to five top-selling items from the previous month – to better inform our buyers on the savings they may expect, as well as the profits our sellers could gain.

In February, our top selling items, by price, were:63.2_1.jpg


By selling on Aucto, this seller recouped 40 per cent ($1500) of the valve’s original cost ($2500). For the buyer, this translates into more than 33 per cent in savings after brokerage fees. Typically, a valve’s condition can be easily determined through photos, they normally make good candidates for purchasing or selling used.

ASSORTED BEARINGS LOT – $2600128.02_1.jpg

It’s not unusual for smaller parts that can be sold in lots, such as bearings, to be good contenders for selling and purchasing used. Since this lot consisted of a pallet of assorted bearings, tracing the original price is difficult. However, used industrial parts and equipment in good condition normally sell for 30-60 per cent of their original value. There is a strong demand for bearings on the Aucto platform.

MYCOM MAYEKAWA 200VSD 250HP CHILLER UNIT – $21,000502_1.jpg

Sometimes, the 60 per cent rule doesn’t hold true. For example, take this chiller unit that sold for $21,000.00. Comparable models, if purchased new, would cost nearly $50,000. That’s $29,000 (58 per cent) in savings.


Our next ‘top-selling items’ update will be posted on April 7.

In the meantime, we invite you to read past blog entries on pricing used and surplus equipment and parts, as well as factors to consider when choosing a marketplace.

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