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Aucto Blog | 2017-06-02 19:57:40 EST

It’s no secret that ‘buying used’ industrial equipment and machinery is becoming more popular than ‘buying new.’  Individuals and larger companies realize that ‘buying used’ means huge savings. In fact, the savings typically outweigh the minimal risks associated with purchasing used equipment. As well, a trusted marketplace can reduce most, if not all, risks associated with purchasing used equipment and machinery.

Below we’re highlighting some recent sales and upcoming auctions to keep an eye on.

Recent Sales

Many people assume that surplus or used industrial equipment, such as measurement tools, are being sold because they stopped working. This is wrong. Quality used tools are available not because they're past their prime, but because their original owners no longer had use for them. In fact, measurement and machine tools’ durability make them great resale candidates. When you're done with them, they can be resold. 

Last month, AMT hosted a machine tool auction with more than 575 lots. Here are three highlights:

1. Mitutoyo Surface Tester


2. Komet Diamond Tip Inserts


3. Dynamometer


Upcoming Auctions

1. Tollok, TLK110 Size 10x16mm, Clamping Unit, Keyless Bushing

PTE is hosting an online auction on June 6, ending at 3 p.m. CDT. The auction offering includes Tollok locking assemblies.


2. Westinghouse 509ZZ HSA 125HP 575V-AC 710RPM AC Induction Motor

NRI Industrial is hosting an online auction on June 7, ending at 10 a.m. EDT.  The auction offering includes scrap and recyclable metals, MRO & spare parts, motors, valves, pumps, electronic equipment and more from decommissioned power plants.


3. Electric Motors

Redeployed Materials LLC is hosting an online auction on June 9, ending at 10 a.m. EDT.  The auction offering includes assets formerly belonging to a decommissioned power plant, such as motors, turbines, as well as general plant equipment.


Registration & Bidding

If you’re interested in signing up for an account, be sure to register prior to an auction’s go-live date. We prepared two guides to walk you through Aucto’s registration and bidding process.

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