Textile Equipment Auction

Aucto Blog | 2017-07-21 21:05:38 EST

Textile Equipment Auction

Published by Ryan Degen on: 2017-07-21 21:05:38 EST

Buy & Sell Textile Equipment on Aucto

In June, Aucto hosted a used textile machinery auction that included textile equipment previously used by North America’s largest towel manufacturer: Cambridge Towel. Equipment sold in this auction includes Tsudakoma ZAX Air Jet Looms, a Reed Chatwood Warper, as well as a Racine Bailer.

After additional sellers expressed interest in hosting textile machinery and equipment auctions, we  added a ‘Textile’ category. Textile plant and machinery equipment  may include: shears, dryers, spinning machines, texturizing machines, carding machines, weaving machines and more. Such equipment is regularly used in yarn manufacturing, dyeing & finishing, fiber and waste recycling, nonwovens, fiber and plastics extrusion, and for many other applications across multiple industries.

Upcoming Textile Equipment Auction

On August 31, Gibbs International will be hosting an online auction on late model textile machinery and testing equipment. Equipment will include Truetzschler Cards, Dosing Opener, Mixer, Tuftomat and other textile equipment and machinery.

Below are some of the highlighted pieces of equipment:

Truetzschler Cards

Truetzschler CardsTextile cards are used in the production of cotton fabric. This card features an IDF Draw Head, an FBK Chute Feed, a Cam coiler, as well as a 40in can size.

Truetzschler Dosing Opener

Truetzschler Cards Dosing OpenerDosing openers are designed for storing fibres and controlling material supply to downstream units.

Truetzschler Tuftomat

Truetzschler Tuftomat

Tuftomats offer a high degree of cleaning with minimal fibre loss.

 Uster High Volume Instrument (HVI) Tester

Uster HVI Tester

High volume instrument systems are based on the fibre bundle strength testing. For instance, many fibres are checked at the same time and their average values determined.

Premier Automatic Yarn Tester

Yarn Tester

Yarn testers test for tensile strength, elongation, tenacity, work and modulus.

About Gibbs International
Gibbs International is the leading global dealer of pre-owned textile equipment. It offers textile and plant equipment from spare parts to complete lines of operation.

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