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Aucto 2.0 – A Revamped & Re-optimized Version of AUCTO.COM

Online Industrial Auctions
The wait is over, and we're super excited to announce a completely revamped and optimized version of AUCTO.COM!
Launching on July 1st, AUCTO 2.0 will introduce many new features designed to improve functionality, accessibility, and reporting, as well as promote sales and make it easier to purchase industrial equipment.

Online Industrial Equipment Marketplace

While we accomplished our initial goal of providing a transparent, simple and effective platform to list, sell and purchase surplus industrial assets, to meet our users’ ever-changing needs and demands, we know we need to constantly improve our marketplace.

Since our launch in 2016, we've been collecting feedback from both buyers and sellers. While we've implemented a number of smaller updates, AUCTO 2.0 is our largest update to date. On July 1st, you can expect major upgrades to what is already the most technologically advanced auction and marketing platform available today!
We've built in new marketing and selling features that are going to make the overall buying process and selling process even simpler. Here's a summary of what you can expect with the updated software:

Features for Sellers

Online Industrial Auctions   Fixed Price Marketplace
We've added the ability to review and accept offers from buyers on your fixed price listings. Our site will now auto-categorize all of your listings to save you from the tedious task of selecting categories. We've also completely revised the listing process, making it incredibly simple to list an item for sale on Aucto.
Sell Industrial Equipment   Seller Stores
Direct your buyers to your very own corner of Aucto. All your auctions and listings will be featured in one place, where buyers can browse your items for sale. And, as an added benefit, seller stores are optimized for search engine traffic. This ensures you get organic exposure from buyers searching for your listings.
Buy Industrial Equipment   Voice-Over Online Auctions
Sellers asked, and we listened. With our new Voice-Over Online Auction feature, sellers will be able to talk through their online timed auction, describing key pieces of equipment or pointing out important information to online bidders over live audio.
Sell Used Equipment Online   Improved AI for Categorization
We're significantly improving our auto categorization tool by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to categorize your equipment into the appropriate categories. Just describe your machine, and let the robots put it in the right category for you.
Buy Used Machinery Online   Improved Category Structure
We're expanding our categories to include more industries and an improved category structure. This will improve our buyer's overall navigation experience and ensure more accurate categorization for sellers.
  Better Auction Landing Pages
To better convert viewers into bidders, we've implemented an improved landing page design. We've simplified the navigation to make it easier for prospective bidders to access the information they want and need concerning your upcoming auction. This is the page you want to showcase when you are promoting your sale.
  More Redundancy
We know your sale is important. That's why we're continually improving our infrastructure to ensure there is no down-time. We've added more redundancy, and improved our networks to cope with our ever-increasing traffic.
  Dedicated Mobile Bidding Engine
Whether bidding on a phone or tablet, bidders now get a full-feature mobile bidding experience. It's never been easier to bid on Aucto.
We've built a much needed API. This will make it easy to integrate your database or auto import listings from popular marketplaces, such as eBay.
  Improved Back-end Structure
Even though we are running a 99.99 per cent up-time rate, we still went over Aucto's back-end to ensure it was bullet proof.

Features for Buyers


Fixed-Price & Offer-Based Listings
Aucto is evolving to suit our users’ preferred purchasing methods. Our latest update will allow our Sellers to list equipment and industrial assets in new ways. In addition to auctions, in a new section of our marketplace, sellers will now have the option to sell their equipment and assets in fixed-price and offer-based listings. This gives Buyers more options when choosing how to purchase equipment. 


Improved Categories
With our new update, we’re expanding our product categories to include more than 1,000 categories and subcategories. This will make it easier for our users to find what they’re looking for and ensure more accurate and relevant results are displayed from the onset.


Better Layout & Landing Pages
To make it easier to buy on Aucto, we knew we had to improve our user’s overall navigation experience. That’s why we redesigned and simplified our marketplace’s layout. When making a purchase, our new design will enable our users to access the information they need – quickly and easily.

  Mobile  & Tablet Friendly
We’ve made Aucto mobile and tablet friendly. This means that, regardless of the device you use, be it a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, you can easily navigate, bid and buy on our marketplace. It's never been easier to access Aucto.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about how this update will affect you, contact our Support staff by phone (1-844-326-7305) or email (
support@aucto.com). As always, thank you for your trust in Aucto.com. We're incredibably excited to implement these features, and expect to roll out this update over the next month.
As always, thank you for your trust in Aucto.com.

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