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Looking to purchase CNC machinery? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider purchasing used or surplus CNC machines

One may think that investing in used equipment is not an attractive opportunity. The basis of this idea is that anything used or secondhand will no longer be as high-performing as a new model.

Since you are spending a good chunk of your money, you might as well pool in a larger amount and buy something new and efficient. Right?

Well, not really. It may astound you to know that a powerful tool, such as a benchtop CNC mill, loses a massive 25% of its initial value within its first year of ownership.

Assuming that it does not face any significant performance or technological loss within this period, or even 2-3 years for that matter, you could be saving as much as 30% to 50% of your capital that you would have otherwise invested in a new CNC machine.

However, savings are not the only advantage of purchasing used CNC machinery. Here are a few others:

1. Immediate Value

Purchasing used CNC machinery offers immediate value addition. At just 50% of the cost, you can dramatically increase your workshop capabilities - and this capacity enhancement takes place with almost zero latency.

The rapid delivery of used CNC machines is possible as businesses that experience machinery breakdown immediately replace it. As a result, these older CNC machines are ready for repair and immediate delivery, making them quicker to ship, install, and set up. Some heavy equipment is also available on sale online.

As such, businesses relying on used CNC machines will witness minimal disruption and almost zero downtime. The combination of lower capital investment and quick setup is perfect for maintaining business continuity.

2. Improved Quality

The improved quality of a used machine may sound counterintuitive. But it is true in the case of CNC machines.


Most used CNC machines undergo a process known as retooling. It involves repurposing the machine to maintain productivity and improve durability. It also entails carrying out any maintenance activity, which may be necessary depending on the machine’s health and status. As a result, a reconditioned machine will work like a dream, possibly even outperforming your new ones!

However, to make this possible, you would need to find a reputable machinery dealer having a deep knowledge of the machining industry.

3. Easier Machine Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, used CNC machines do not require more frequent maintenance. We briefly touched upon retooling in the previous section. When you purchase from a reliable reseller, you can be assured that they have carried out repair and reconditioning of the equipment.

As both improve the quality of the machine and its functioning, you can benefit from longer run time, peak RPM maximum, and CNC machines that operate just like new. This process also takes care of any manufacturing defects.

This intermediary intervention by the reseller elongates machine lifetime and also makes maintenance easier and less intensive. Plus, these dealers bundle in servicing plans for the machinery at nominal costs, which effectively takes this responsibility off your shoulders.

4. Increased Productivity

Clearly, it's only a myth that used CNC machines will cause a significant dent in your performance when compared to new machines. But apart from these factors, it is worth visualizing the benefits of a secondhand machine on your productivity.


By saving on the cost per machine, you now have the ability to acquire more CNC machines than intended. Each of these machines will contribute to the overall performance of your workshop, which will proportionately increase the productivity of the unit. So now, you have expanded your workshop capabilities without any additional costs.

5. Rapid Depreciation

As stated earlier, CNC machines lose 25% of their initial investment within the very first year. Some sources even state that they lose 20 to 40% of their value the moment they leave the manufacturer.

Such numbers indicate the rapid rate of depreciation, which can be an excellent trend if you plan on buying a used CNC machine. Even a mere six months can cause a notable erosion in the CNC machine value. And at this pace, you can obtain used machines at competitive rates. Plus, with regular maintenance, you can retain its value and derive long-term benefits.

This trait is particularly helpful if you wish to scale up against high demand in no time and with minimal upfront costs. Conversely, if your business is on a downward decline, it is better to invest in used equipment rather than new machines, as you would still be successful in recovering costs when you get rid of them if things take a turn for the worse.

Final Thoughts

Naturally, while investing in used CNC machinery, you will have to keep your eyes peeled for any defects or issues. You are buying a machine and not someone’s problems.

Fortunately, most dealers are well-equipped with the skill of repurposing old CNC machines and bringing them up to modern standards. As such, you can proceed with your goal of augmenting your team and overall performance.


About the Guest Author:

Peter JacobsPeter Jacobs

Peter Jacobs is the Senior Director of Marketing at CNC Masters. He is actively involved in manufacturing processes and regularly contributes his insights for various blogs in CNC machining, 3D printing, rapid tooling, injection molding, metal casting, and manufacturing in general.

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